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Driving Your Kids Safely

Where can I find good parts for my Land Rover?

Land Rovers continue to soar in global popularity. As high-end jeeps and utility vehicles, these cars are designed for optimal performance and delivery. Whether it’s long road trips, or simply tackling daily endeavors, Land Rovers are known for their sturdiness and ability to withstand harsh climates. There are times, however, when these vehicles may require technical and mechanical assistance. Like any car, Land Rovers are subject to common wear and tear. As a result, car owners may need to replace certain parts and components from time to time. While this seems like an easy task, Land Rover parts are somewhat hard to find and very costly.

If you are looking for good and affordable Land Rover parts, go no further than Parts Geek. As a reputable online auto parts company, they offer a range of Land Rover parts at cost-effective rates. As a haven for mechanics and automobile owners, their site also specializes in factory model and aftermarket parts, as well. With high quality services and easy ordering options, customers have unlimited access to a variety of parts and accessories.

By purchasing Rover parts at Parts Geek, customers can also avoid overpriced dealership parts. While these types of parts are specifically made for Rovers, they do tend to be incredibly expensive and may not even restore proper functionality. To effectively counter OEM parts and accessories, Parts Geek offers parts that are simply designed to last. Buying Rover parts at Parts Geek can also save you a lot of time.

Online Site For Volvo Parts

The Internet has made car repair easier than ever before, especially if people are doing the majority of work on their automobiles. If people take their cars to a local garage to have it fixed, there is always the possibility that the part will not be in stock. The last thing that people want is to be without an automobile for a week because the garage does not have the necessary Volvo parts to get their cars up and running again in a timely manner. Foreign made car parts are often out of stock, and people who own these types of automobiles are often left waiting to have their cars fixed. Who wants the unnecessary headache and expense of renting a car for two weeks as their Volvo is sitting up on a lift?

Parts Geek is an online company specializing in discount auto parts. Fast, easy and reliable automotive service is at people's fingertips. If people are mechanically inclined, then there is no reason to take their cars to a garage again. Parts Geek has all the Volvo parts that will get someone's beloved Swedish car running again. More importantly, if someone orders a part from this company, the order is shipped the same day. That type of turnaround will prevent people from having to rent a car. However, it gets better. There is not only zero sales tax on the part, but it comes with a 30-day return policy. No garage can compete with that.

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Avoid Pain by Talking Privately to Coach

A few months ago, I got a letter from a sports grandparent in southern Shasta County who'd read my column and wanted to tell me her grandson's story. He'd been playing baseball since he was 5 but in his junior year of high school, his interest waned.

Neither parents nor grandparents could figure out why until they learned that, as a pitcher, he was being criticized after the game — on the bus and in the locker room — by several seniors on the team. Their criticism was affecting his play.

Gramma suggested that her son speak to the coach, but dad was hesitant; "He felt that the coach was a 'friend' to the players, had few expectations and just wanted everyone to have fun and not worry about winning."

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What to Pack for the Basketball Season

It happens to every sports parent. You get your kid to the game and sure enough, they've forgotten a very important piece of sports equipment. Once, my son forgot his cleats for a flag football game after we'd driven 20 minutes across town. I raced home to get them--I know, I know, stupid me--and promised myself this would not happen again.

And how did we achieve that?

Every time we got into the car, I'd run down a list.

Shoes? Socks? Ankle braces? Uniform? Water bottle? Both uniforms? Are you sure?

Obviously, it's important for athletes to arrive at games with all their equipment. But I think it’s just as important for parents to bring their own emotional tools to the game. Especially when it’s time for basketball season.

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How to be a Better Spectator

All three of our children became athletes before they started school and among them, played eight different sports. The hours I've spent watching my kids play sports and my husband coach over the past 27 years add up to nine straight months of watching competitions - 24/7.

Through the years I've learned a few pointers on how to behave appropriately as a spectator. These are the guidelines I try to follow as I "spectate."

I am my athlete's biggest fan - but there is a team.

Cheering only for our own child and not for the team does not reinforce the idea of being a team player.

"I am annoyed by parents that can only see their child and don't look at the good of the team," says Jo Bubna, mother of three grown athletes. "They watch and cheer for their child and forget that there is a team playing. The good of their child takes precedence over the good of the team."

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